Tuesday, 27 November 2012

McDonalds shoes

Initially I was in a bar having arranged a double date for my work colleague Lefty and his friend who I didn't know.
I was telling then that I'd got them a couple of stunners and they were excited but had apprehensions too.
To calm their nerves I gave them both a mince pie.
Dreams being dreams, there was no conclusion and I didn't see their dates.

Next I was living in my father-in-laws convertible car. There was a lot of us crammed into it and I was complaining that my mattress had a hole in it.
He doesn't actually have a convertible, and I'm fairy sure he would let me sleep in it if he did.

Lastly I was in my mums bedroom getting dressed. As I did so an old lady entered and started to vacuum the floor.
I selected a pair of bright yellow shoes from the wardrobe and put them on. Across the toe of the shoe was a bright golden M in the familiar McDonalds style.
I carefully arranged them so they were the right way up and proudly walked out.

As I did the old lady purposely sucked up both the M's with her vacuum and smiled a sadistic smile.
Nasty woman!

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