Thursday, 29 November 2012

Is this some kind of bust?

I appeared to be a road worker last night. Working in a very long tunnel resurfacing the Tarmac.
At one end of the tunnel, children kept walking in and stopping production.
I approached two giggling annoying kids, picked them off the floor by the scruff of the neck and proceeded to carry them out of the tunnel.
Once out I dropped them both into a wheelie bin.

The next scene was myself and my wife with a mattress each sleeping rough on the streets. When I say rough, we had quilts and pillows too.
Unfortunately we had chosen an alleyway between some houses to rest and were constantly disturbed by passers by.

I got up and entered a huge warehouse and started to tip toe peering around corners realising I was in a drug factory producing met amphet.
I called the police and waited, watching. I could see that everyone working there were female glamour models all in bikinis.

Armed police raided the place in TV style precision within minutes. I suspect in real life this to be somewhat bound by red tape. But hey it's a dream.

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