Friday, 16 November 2012

Instant coffee?

The feeling of falling in your dream is fairly common. As I nodded off last night, I felt it. Mainly because I had fallen out of an aeroplane and was swimming in the sky!
A quick poke from my wife and all was good.

I wasn't woken up in time for a day shift and was almost three hours late for work. I didn't have my trousers ironed and proceeded to do this in the garden.
After trying to get them on over my boots I eventually arrived very late walking straight into one of my old bosses called Wilf.

Wilf was very grumpy and told me to go into his office and make him a coffee then come and find him.
A simple task made very difficult in that his desk was a revolving carousel with plastic cups and a kettle at the centre if it.

Firstly I couldn't find a clean cup, then everything kept falling off as the desk spun around.
I poured a sachet of coffee into a cup only to discover it was brown sauce. Then I put one in that said coffee on it and that was cheese and crackers!

I was becoming ever more frustrated and aware that I was taking an age to complete a simple task.
Finally, in a dirty plastic cup half full of a brown liquid that vaguely resembled coffee I left the office in search of Wilf.

He'd gone! Arrrrg!

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