Sunday, 4 November 2012

Horse with no name

I was in my car and attempting to drive along a riverbank. The water had got so high that the river had burst its banks and my car was sinking.
I reversed out onto the road, as I did so a small Chinese boy on a BMX bike rode past me and waved.

Next I had decided to break into a shop at night. The shop as I approached it looked as if someone had already smashed the glass in the door.
I carefully open the door and entered just as the shop owner appeared from the back of the store. He was actor Dermot Crowley who is currently in TV's Hunted. Well he was, a poison dart in the neck marked his exit from the show.

He cheerfully welcomed me believing me to be there to repair the damaged door and hurried off leaving me alone.
I say alone, the door kept opening and my two cats closely chased by my dog, ran in and out playing.

I found a USB turntable which was able to convert old records onto a hard drive. There was an LP on it and I carefully placed the needle at the start.
It played the 1972 hit, 'Horse with no name', by the group America.

Dermot Crowley (born March 19, 1947 in Cork, Ireland) is an Irish stage, film and television actor.

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