Saturday, 17 November 2012

Get off my land!

After a solid day time sleep I have awoken after a productive dream.
I was with my wife and we had purchased a modest size house with a huge amount of land. My wife was extremely happy as we had many acres of land and she was able to keep horses.

Next I was in a large office building that had a high security level, every door required an electronic pass to gain access.
As I walked through each level I noticed my older sister sadly looking in through a window as her access didn't allow her as far as I had got.

I got right to the top floor which was a vast field contained inside the building with had the sky painted on the ceiling.
Each section of the field had been made into a small farm.
Mine had glass walls and a black plastic lid. It was empty inside and needed a lot of work. I set about tending the land.
The other surrounding plots were far more advanced and had crops and animals on them.

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