Thursday, 8 November 2012

Gary Lineker & the Temple of Essex

I was sitting on a roller coaster ride with my hands in the air shouting with excitement. This unfortunately was also happening as I slept, reported this morning by my wife who was disturbed by my shouts.

The carriage was going backwards and I was aware that I had died and no one could see me. A line of people on top of the track looked on at an empty ride.
All except retired football legend, Gary Lineker who waved at me.
I reached the bottom of the ride and jumped out and back to life again.

I next go into my mums back garden because she told me there are hundreds of birds flocking there.
At the end of garden I find the treasury temple from Petra which is an eminence building from around 312 BC.
Normally found in Jordan, it looked slightly out of place in an Essex estate but was certainly a talking point.

I was lastly asked by a policeman to keep my eye on two lads in a car that he had detained whilst he looked at something else out of my sight.
I couldn't see what the cop was doing and I wanted to investigate but knew I couldn't leave the lads.
I overcame this dilemma by banging both their heads in the car bonnet knocking them unconscious.

The officer was far from impressed with this and told me to go away. I still didn't see what he was doing either!

You may know the Treasury building better from the movie, Indiana Jones and the last crusade from 1989.

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