Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fly on the wall

I began my adventure by chatting with my dad, proudly telling him that I had reached the final of a darts competition and was off to find my friend who I was competing against.

I end up in a factory trying to locate him and discover that it is a blood testing centre.
A very old man with white hair hands we a plastic pot and asks me for a sample of my blood. He then starts to perform yoga on the floor.
Confused I urinate into the pot and hand it back sniggering to myself and leave before he opens it.

I then find myself watching TV. It's an entertainment programme and involves a group of flies singing.
The flies one of which has the head of the late Ronnie Barker, are all in a group on a wall and singing, 'we are misers'.

A group of flies are called a swarm or cloud. Not sure what a cloud of singing ones are called?

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