Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Exploding curry

I started and ended in a school.
Craig from work was a teacher on an open evening and was approached by a very irate parent who was unhappy that her child had been obtaining drugs at school.

Craig was standing shadow boxing on the spot and had a plaster over each eye.
The parent was becoming angry at Craig not taking her seriously. He stopped boxing, picked a plastic yoghurt pot off of a light switch and offered it to the parent.

I next found myself at my old apartment in Essex which was a first floor flat.
It was nicely decorated and a guy was living there. He was unhappy that the area was so rough now that he was afraid to go out.
As I walked down the stairs I noticed a huge fridge freezer on the landing.

I was lastly back in a school talking to a very fat weather presenter. I was saying to him that his job must be very boring but he explained that it was easy and allowed him lots of time for his favourite past time of eating.
Tom from work entered and was carrying a huge pot of curry. He said for me to go into the main hall as there was lots of food. He placed the pot next to the weather man and it exploded.

I entered the big hall which had hundreds of people sat at tables eating curry. I appeared to know everyone. I saw both my sisters and my friend Jo.
As I walked around looking at everyone, the bowls and pots of curry on the tables were exploding.
No one seemed to notice but me.

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