Thursday, 22 November 2012

Escape from the giant octopus

Quite a busy night, starting off with me driving a transit van. I was having trouble seeing where I was going when I realised that I was actually sitting behind the drivers seat but still managing to reach the pedals and stealing wheel.

I'd dreamt that I'd made a note of the above using my nail to scratch onto a small ball. I hadn't and was momentarily perplexed until I worked it out.

Next I was watching three brothers run around in a huge warehouse. No idea why but one of the brothers was a giant ladybird.

I'd walked into a wooded area to find my friend Chrisy boy and his brother cutting wood. Beyond them some girls were playing badminton.

I next find myself along with my wife trapped in a skyscraper by a giant octopus that has its arms wrapped around the building and into the room we are in.
My wife opens a box and flys a remote control helicopter to send for help.
Also in the box is a reel of Sellotape which she proceeds to tape up the octopus's arms with.

The helicopter reaches a princess Diana lookalike who is on a swing on the balcony of her apartment. The swing lowers down several floors to ground level.
She starts to follow the helicopter and talks to the deceased Princess Di as she walks and says, "Don't worry I won't eat anything".
She reaches a diner and ignores the helicopter, entering she orders a fried Breakfast.

We must of escaped because next we are at the boarder with customs. Also with us are my parents and Normski from work. We each hand over a small pink suitcase on wheels.
Normski is the first to go through and returns shortly after saying they found lots of alcohol in his case.
We are all confident that we will get through as we know we don't have any.

Looking up at my dad, he is pacing up and down looking very nervous.
I eye him suspiciously, "Dad?"

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