Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Elvis really is dead.

I started off by gathering in a large hall at work. There was a stage and I waited with everyone else for an expected boring meeting.
I was pleasantly surprised that we were being treated to a come back concert by Elvis Presley.
The excitement passed very quickly when Elvis, clearly rusty from not performing for over 30 years, was booed off stage.

I went into the bathroom and saw Neil one of my supervisors who was urinating into the bath. He seemed to have no issues with me being present and continued whilst saying how bad Elvis had been. I noticed that Neil was urinating over his own leg! I looked on in horror as Neil said, 'That Elvis is rubbish man'.

Next I was wandering through a wooded area with a digital camera looking for wildlife to photograph.
As I walked the camera started talking. It sounded as if it was a two way radio so I pushed a button and said, 'Hello?'
The camera replied, 'Why are you talking to a camera?'

Confused by this I looked up to see a group of mini camels which were the size of a Roe dear. The camels had no legs and just glided along the floor as if on wheels.
I walked out of the wood and into a shopping centre. I got on an escalator and promptly fell off over the side.

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