Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dead dog?

I found myself on a narrow boat. There was a scenes of crime officer who was examining two dead bodies.
A male was laying on top of a female in an embrace with no visible injuries but the crime investigator was saying it was murder.
As they explained to me what they thought had happened the males leg started twitching and kicking out.
The man stood up, transformed into a Greyhound with three legs and ran off.

I gave chase across my mums neighbours gardens and onto the street. I saw a woman and grabbed her thinking that the dog had disguised itself and marched her back to the boat.

Next I was working on a building site and my job was to remove everything painted blue from one room and put it in rubbish bins.
I was asked to go into the office and see the architect. Walking into the room I see that my work colleague Tom is sat at a drawing easel.
He is singing and looking very smart in a suit.
When I look at the drawing, it is a vastly coloured child like painting, there are crayons, glue and glitter smudged all over it.

Tom's face and hands are covered in paints and as he happily makes a mess. Bless him.

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