Friday, 23 November 2012

Cross dressing teddy bear

I was wearing roller skates and dressed in a teddy bears suit racing around a wooden floor. Someone was shouting encouragement at me but I couldn't see them. I got up quite a bit of speed for a teddy.

I was next at work in the office with one of our bosses, Dominic. He was on my case as I wasn't doing anything. I tried to avoid him by hiding under a bed with my wife.
For some reason we were both dressed in 1930's women's clothing.
We were both feeling slightly ill and my wife told me to make myself sick and handed me a bowl.
I was protesting that I hate being sick when I vomited into the bowl.

Finally again with my wife we arrive at a gated house and push a button and the gates open.
Inside our friend Mary comes up to us and we ask her for pizza.

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