Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cinderella camps it up

I walked for miles in a tunnel that passed under a river, it was dark and damp.
When I reached the end, I ascended hundreds of stairs that finally brought me out into a nightclub.
The club was shut and devoid of people so I decided to walk down a different set of stairs to leave.

As I descended, each level brought me to a different bar in the club. The bars were full of men fighting and smashing chairs. I kept walking until I reached the bottom where I found a man trapped under a door. He was flat like a cartoon.

I next found myself on a camp site and Cinderella, who was the cartoon version, had forgotten her tent. She complained that she had a sore throat too. Improvising she puffed out her dress, sunk her head inside and it became a tent. Clever.

I was finally on a cruise ship but appeared to be a girl! I'd lost my brother and spent hours and hours searching for him.
There were vast rooms each containing hundreds of people and I wandered lost and alone.

I entered a gift shop were I bumped into Russell an old work colleague from over 20 years ago.
I handed him a small plaque which had 'To Grandma' inscribed on it.
He didn't look impressed.

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