Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Caravan demolition

I make notes during the night about the various aspects of my dreams. This helps as one part of the recall process.
Last night I only made the one note, the other two occasions I made the conscious decision to turn over and carry on sleeping thus losing any memory of them.
The one dream I do recall seems to have been influenced by a TV programme I was watching just before bed.

I was watching the dream rather than being in it. A short fat little bald man was standing at the entrance to a caravan park. He was holding a large wooden mallet.
As he stood there he was shouting in the style of a circus ringmaster.
"Roll up roll up, smash a caravan today". He waved the mallet in the air as he shouted.

The TV programme was called George Clarke's small spaces. In the programme he is converting an old 1970's caravan.

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