Sunday, 25 November 2012

Broom guitar

One if those occasions when my dream tells me I need the toilet last night.

I had come out of my house and a guy opened up a roller shutter where my neighbours front door normally is.
Inside where canoes staked up high. I walked past the door looking in and began to urinate against his car.
The guy came out and I just stepped aside whilst still urinating and continued to wee up the side of the house.
It was this point I actually woke needing the loo.

I was next in the back of a van with my wife that was being driven along the road. At the very back of the van was a metal cage that contained our work colleague who we call Danger.
Playing on the radio was 'Running in the family' by Level 42.
I picked up a broom and proceeded to play a kind of air guitar along to the music much to the dismay of Danger.

Lastly I'm in a field full of tents again with my wife. She is on her mobile phone asking someone if we can get into one of the tents. As she speaks, I pull back the corner of a tent and look inside.
There is another field within that is full of grazing cows.

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