Sunday, 18 November 2012

Banana chilli crisps

Too start with our ginger cat called Bear came and sat on my head purring. This could have actually happened apart from the fact he was shut out of the room and then turned into a fetching hat.
I became annoyed at him and brushed him off.

Next my wife and I were watching TV. The program set in a boys children's home had TV presenter Matt Baker doing the Voice over.
Our friend Andy was cooking eggs for the boys breakfast but three of them refused to eat them. One wanted bananas, one wanted chillies and the third wanted a packet of crisps.
The three rebel boys were then running through a supermarket when the above three ingredients were thrown and hit them all on the back of their heads simultaneously. As this happened the film froze the picture.

The next shot was of the outside of the shop window with three posters advertising bananas, chillies and crisps.
They moved and merged together and Matt Baker said, "And so was this was how the creation of Banana chilli crisps came about".

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