Tuesday, 30 October 2012

You've been squashed Lisa!

Lisa Riley was the main focal point of my dream. I was engulfed in a very deep sleep last night and only have recognition of my brain activity just prior to waking.

Lisa for those of you unfamiliar with her, is a British actress, playing Mandy Dingle in a soap opera and was former presenter of 'You've been framed'.

I was in a vast room that had miles of circular tubes running all over the ceiling.
I had a plan to send Lisa back in time and I had worked out that I could achieve this by firing her through one end of the network of tubing. The theory being that when she emerged several miles along she would have picked up enough speed to have traveled through space and time.

Happy smiling Lisa popped herself feet first into the tube, waved, there was a loud bang and she vanished.
About four feet along from the entrance to the tube came a knocking and I heard Lisa shout, 'I'm stuck!'


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