Wednesday, 17 October 2012

We are not amused!

Lots going on last night, not surprising when I had 10 hours sleep!
I was attending my older sisters birthday party and handed her a wrapped present on a paper plate.
She was less than impressed when she discovered it was a ham sandwich, hence the plate. She said nothing, took a bite of it and then started to choke.

Continuing with family, my Son was staying at my house and I returned to find that he had left a dirty cup in the sink. I was enraged with this and threw him out. Bit harsh, but it doesn't take long to wash up a cup!

Next I was with my wife and I was Superman, the Dean Cain version from TVs New Adventures of superman. I stood there hands on hips with my cape flowing.
I had surprised my wife by buying her a shop that sold curtains. Again I was failing to impress my family.

Lastly I was a policeman but on attachment to America.
I had been given a car with no engine and had to peddle it like a child's toy car.
I arrested a fat balding man who sweated profusely. I took him into an interview room and read his file which said, 'He never confesses'.

I asked a small Chinese man to blow cigarette smoke into his face and the criminal was singing like a canary when I gave him a smoke. He even confessed to some crimes he hadn't committed.

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