Friday, 19 October 2012

Videos & donkeys

Starting off in a hospital ward last night along with Paul my supervisor from my job.
There was an sense of holiday fever in the air as Paul was finishing an hour early to go on his summer vacation.

I had organised a running race but was told by Paul to cancel it as no one was interested and he excitedly told me about his forthcoming foreign holiday.

Having postponed the race, Kalaum my work colleague arrived in full running kit along with the number 31 on his chest.
I just look at him and said, 'Too late dude'.

I'm next witnessing the emptying and dismantling of a food supermarket in readiness for it being changed into a VHS video store.
Before my eyes the store is almost ready and I wander around looking at the latest video releases.

I hear the sound of a horn blowing from outside, upon investigating I see a pack of hunting dogs running past along with a miniature donkey with huge ears.
Following behind are the huntsmen in their smart red jackets but they are not on horseback but on BMX bikes.

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