Thursday, 18 October 2012

Steam book

I was travelling on a steam train through the English countryside.
Whilst doing so I was listening to an audio book. Not sure what the story was exactly about but John Cleese was the man character.

I finished the story and disembarked at a station. As I stepped off I was greeted by John Cleese in an army officers uniform.
He saluted me and winked, then in a long descending line of appearance, was every member of the cast.
I walked along the line of actors, writers and musicians, all of which I congratulated on a great book.

I was next walking up some stairs in total darkness going to bed aware I had to pick some friends up from the airport in a few hours so desperately needed to sleep.
At the top of the stairs I heard work colleague Claire, I couldn't see her, she was unhappy at how she was being treated by our supervisors and proceeded to tell me about it for hours.

I didn't get to sleep and only had an hour left before having to leave to collect my friends so I put the TV on.
I watched presenter Denise Van Outen on a children's show. She was heavily pregnant and wearing a skin tight leather cat suit.

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