Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Remote testicles

I began by riding a huge horse that was so high I used a step ladder to mount it.
It was magnificent grey belonging to my wife I I proudly cantered into the historic Northamptonshire market town of Oundle, where prizes were being handed out by our friend Lou from a market stall.

A small trophy was given to another friend, Vicky and when she and my wife looked at it, they both broke out in uncontrollable fits of laughter.
The trophy was meant to be a horse and rider but the rider resembled the shape of a penis.
Sat on a chair was a siamese cat that also started to laugh and fell off the chair.

Aware that I was rather warm in the night I recall throwing the quilt off my body and then drifting back to sleep.
I was then naked and using my testicles to change the TV channels, adjust the heating controls and remotely switch the lights on and off.

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