Monday, 29 October 2012

Ping pong Turtles

I was, along with my wife on some kind of tree house platform on a tropical island. All very nice and I was showing her some turtles that were native to the island.

The turtles started to lay eggs and as they came out I was measuring the circumference of them.
I explained to my wife that taking the eggs upon them being laid and subject to then being the correct size, they were used as ping pong balls.

I put this into practice by throwing them over the side of the treehouse. Looking over the edge to the floor below was a pile of smashed eggs! Oops, there goes that theory.

I was next looking at a flat for sale and met the estate agent outside the property.
There was a communal entrance and upon walking in, right in the middle taking up most of the entrance was an old red phone box.

The estate agent explained that the phone box would be mine if I bought the flat. The only trouble being the door opened out into the entrance of one of the other flats.
Having pondered this for a second, I decided there wasn't much I could do with the phone box and didn't buy it.

The phone didn't work either!

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