Saturday, 27 October 2012

Peace to the World

The first of my wife's two appearances started with her and our good friend Lee Ann both very drunk and attempting to pour a pint of beer over my head.
Despite my protests both found it very amusing in their intoxicated condition.

I then was dreaming that Bear, our ginger cat was biting my big toe off I was screaming in pain and my wife shook me to wake me up. An activity she says didn't happen! So I'm guessing that was part of the dream too. Damn you twisted brain!

Next I was in my Nan's old house where her kitchen had been filled with rabbit hutches.
There were animals everywhere and two of the rabbits had given birth to Geckos which was odd.
I spent ages trying to catch the tiny lizards that squeaked like a dogs toy when picked up.

I was next chatting with one of my supervisors from work who was telling me how much he loved eating burgers.
As he spoke I saw a small child run across the road narrowly missing get hit by an old Hillman Imp car.

Lastly in my slumbered adventure, I was bringing peace and harmony to the ghetto of an inner London suburb.
I managed to get old and young to interact and there were people sitting on street corners playing cards and chatting. All mixing as a multi coloured pot of love and good will to their fellow man.

Yeah I know it sounds like a Michael Jackson song, but it's just a dream.

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