Sunday, 21 October 2012

Human crane & brown bags

I was a crane operator and was climbing the hundreds of feet up into the control booth to start work.
The only difference was that the crane was a giant me and I entered my head and sat at the controls looking out of my eyes.
I moved myself around like a giant robot, it was great fun.

Next I was in bed and my wife had a saucepan lid on her head. Next to my wife was an old boss of mine that was fast asleep snoring.
Really unhappy at this as I never did like him I started to elbow him to stop the noise.
At this point I woke and saw that it was my wife snoring!

Finally and rather sadly my wife and myself were at a house because a baby had died.
The parents were destroyed by grief and we calmly informed them that we were packing the entire contents of their house up.
We systematically went through the whole of the property and wrapped everything into brown paper bags.

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