Monday, 1 October 2012

Homeland Dad

Not for the first time I was dreaming that I was dreaming.
I laid there waiting for something to happen but realised I was dreaming that I was just asleep!

Moving on I was at a lovely serene lake area and was on holiday with my dad. My dad was actor Damian Lewis, from the TV show, Homeland.
We looked into the lake and it was full of giant frogs the size of cats swimming on their backs.

Damian/dad, walked away to go back to our hotel and descended some steps into the lake up to his waist.
Finding this highly amusing, I laugh uncontrollably and fall to the floor.
My actor father annoyed at getting wet and at my hysterical laughter, kicked me hard in the head knocking me over.

I return to the hotel and start to pack my clothes, adamant that I'm leaving. Damian enters and tells me he is sorry but it's too late, I cry and walk out.

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