Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hell on Earth

Initially I was the Prime Minister of England. Clearly an adventurous one as I was involved in rally driving across the countryside.
There was a part if the course that crossed a busy carriageway and I smashed into various motorists whilst crossing it.
On the other side of the road was a steep hill and Shish from work was there handing out 35mm films for cameras.

Next I found myself in a cul de sac surrounded by hundreds of children. Each one of them was the worse case in bad behaviour. They were swearing at me, punching me, screaming and shouting and smashing windows and cars.
Some were carrying knives and others had baseball bats.

It was total hell. Sat in the middle of the road on a deck chair was football player Robbie Savage.
I approached him and he just looked at me and said, "Get me out of here!"

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