Wednesday, 24 October 2012

George the unleaded sheep

I started off by recreating the air speed World record flight using a tiny model airplane.
I was conducting this in my mums living room and held the plane in the air making the appropriate aircraft sounds like a child with a toy.
I landed the plane and the front wheels fell off. Mum was less than impressed, even when I told her it reached a top speed of 400mph.

Next I was hanging onto the bottom of a helicopter as it flew to America. The pilot was a Chinese man and as we flew, shots fired past my head.
Finally landing in America I ran along a freeway as parts of a bridge were carried on huge lorries.

Lastly I was at my old flat in Skegness in Lincolnshire. I had my current car which was flashing that it needed fuel.
Also a Sheep called George was in the boot and he required fuel too.
I drove George into the nearest petrol station and pulled up at the diesel pump.

I was not only on the wrong side for my petrol cap, but George needed unleaded fuel! As I pondered this problem, George turned into a man and grabbed two bars of chocolate.

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