Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fake films & cocktail umbrellas

I had stolen a Lithuanian mans car and was driving it very fast along Lincoln Road in Peterborough.
The man had tried to sell me some fake DVDs, so I took his car.

Getting out of the car and onto Becontree underground station I saw my mum on the opposite platform on a train. She waved as the train left the station.
My wife then appeared and we tried to walk through hundreds of hostile football fans.
One stopped us who was behaving aggressively, but let us past saying, 'That's Mick's daughter, let them go'.

Next I find myself on a beach carrying a blanket with a hole in the bottom and cocktail umbrellas keep falling out.
A jet plane flies overhead so low it shakes the ground.
I see my friend Gary Potter who is pushing a pram with a black baby in it that looks about 4 but is the size of a baby.

I lastly attend hospital for an appointment and see the female doctor I always see.
She comes out and asks me why I'm there. I explain that she asked to see me and she puts her coat on and walks out.

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