Friday, 12 October 2012

Drunken decorator

I was watching a documentary with my wife and our work colleague Lee was the presenter. It was about him decorating a house.
Whilst out Lee got drunk and picked up three women and took them back to the house. I commented that Lee's wife would kill him when she saw the programme.
Drunkenly rolling around the house with the girls he gets covered in blue paint and the decorating is ruined.

I was next sat in my car, again with my wife as we watched TV presenter Jonathan Ross walk around the car as he presented a travel show from a tropical island.
As he passes my window I stick two fingers up at him.

I lastly find myself in the house of a Family from Northern England. There are seven children, all boys that want to ask their father about his time away at war. The father is sat rocking in a chair with wild staring eyes.
All the boys have moustaches and look like mini versions of the dad.

They all start to sing to their mother about asking about the war.
I ask the father for them and he snaps out of his stare and hugs his boys smiling.

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