Thursday, 4 October 2012

Drug dealing hottie

I was going to a first floor flat to buy some drugs. I was with a couple of other people but didn't recognise any of them.
As we got to the front door everyone was saying that the woman who lived at the flat was really hot. A woman was agreeing too, so I was expecting good things.

After ringing and knocking for ages getting no reply I was about to leave when the door opened downstairs and someone started to walk up.
The female was pushing a pram and was totally smashed, completely off her head.

She was good looking but wasn't at her best. Her eyes were almost closed and she looked a mess. She handed me a bunch of cannabis joints, all of which were wrapped in clear plastic so I could see the contents.
I laughed and commented on how rubbish they were and left with them without paying.

I would like to condone the use, selling or promotion of drugs of any kind.
Just say no kids.

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