Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Disabled pigs & toilet art

Always nice to see my dad in my dreams. Last night he was in need of the toilet, which transpired once again that I really did.
I pointed to the far end of a train platform to where the toilet was and dad walked off towards it.
When he returned he said that he was worried about the children playing out in the street.
I don't have any children, so not sure what he meant. At this point I woke needing the loo.

Next I was with the help of my dog, training obedience to a chicken and four Guinea pigs. One of the pigs only had one eye. My dog was over excited and caused the chicken to panic and the class fell into disarray.

At my mums house I was in the toilet and she still had the old style high cistern with a chain pull.
Standing on the toilet pan I was painstakingly painting a plastic carrier bag that was on top of the cistern.

I then went into the living room where a documentary was on TV about an African tribe in the rain forest.
All the men were naked and had crocodile shaped penises.

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