Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Desert island slipper

A direct link between what I was watching on TV and the initial part of my dream.
I'd been viewing a programme about an American female boot camp and started off dreaming of being in a kitchen watching the inmates cooking and thinking I'd not be happy eating it.

Next I needed the toilet so woke up to go, I thought anyway and was fumbling for the light switch in the outside toilet.
Knowing this not to be the case, I realised this was still the dream when I found the switch and lit up a very cold damp room. The toilet pan had a massive spiders web spun across it!
I looked up to see Steph from work walk past the door and give me glance but she didn't speak.

Lastly I was actor comedy Stephen Mangan, and I was castaway on a desert island and wearing a dressing gown and carpet slippers. Sat on the golden sandy beach I had a hand written list of all my fellow castaways. One of which was named as Friday.
Looking around me I saw a black man and asked him his name to which he replied Friday. I ticked his name on the list.

I then was approached by a woman who offered me a steak and onion sandwich. I ran into the water and jumped onto a jet ski loosing one slipper.
I rode for hours, eventually landing home on another beach and finding my lost slipper.
I ran to my house and found my wife sitting with Christmas dinner ready for me. We hugged and kissed.

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