Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dancing Christmas Frog

I was cuddled up with my wife and a few other unknown people. All in our PJs and listening to records by The Jam.
My wife instructed that no one was to pass wind due to the close proximity of bottoms to faces.

Next I was back in my mums kitchen at a time she had a canary in a cage, I would have been around 15 at that time.
Lorraine from work was also there and she was feeding the bird. The floor was around two feet deep with bird seed and so Lorraine in her wisdom decided to just scoop up the seed and filled the cage with it burying the poor canary in the process.

Next I was on an alien planet deep in space as a construction worker along with Daniel from work, who is affectionally known as Special D and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I went into an elevator and one of Arnie's boots was in there. I tried it on but it was massive! The elevator got stuck and had to crawl out of the top onto the floor above and I just curled up and slept.
As I woke to write a note about this on my phone, I saw a cartoon green long legged frog in a red Christmas hat dancing around my bedside lamp!

Finally I was riding an invisible horse along the street at night. I was floating in the air in the seated position but nothing was beneath me.
Ahead of me I saw Garath and Craig from work and they were policemen.
As I approached a police car was hit by a petrol bomb and a riot broke out.

Seeing the police outnumbered I helped out by grabbing Craig's pepper spray and randomly spraying everyone that moved. Great fun.

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