Monday, 22 October 2012

Cops, junkies, cheese & flying

As I fell to sleep I seemed to start dreaming immediately and continued to do so all night.
I had two plain clothes CID officers arrive at my house to arrest me.
One was young and naive looking and it was he that led me to the car.

Not handcuffed or even held by the cop I walked to one side of the car as he opened the door on the other side.
I bent down as he got in and then turned and ran away laughing at his stupidity.

I next was watching as a husband entered the bathroom and saw his junkie wife in the bath. Her face haggard and thin from drug abuse. He pushed her head under the water and calmly watched her drown.
He then took his two children to school and sang, 'I wanna be like you' from the Jungle book as they walked.

I was then working in a cheese factory, feeding in ingredients to a massive machine.
I was aware that there was a dead body under the floor but chose to ignore the fact.
Looking at my forearms I notice they are covered in blisters and are scabby.

Finally I was in my old home town of Dagenham. When I say in, more above as I am able to levitate and fly above the shops and houses.
Just by thinking about flying, I was able to rise up and float in the sky.

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