Friday, 5 October 2012

Cheggers plays pizza

I had walked into a pizza takeaway and decided to play a fruit machine whilst waiting for my food.
After only putting in £3 I won £55,000! I got three slips of paper from the machine that I took to the counter.

Working behind the counter was 'entertainer' Keith Chegwin, who painstakingly checked the paper I gave him which whilst he was doing do turned into three mens ties. Before he confirmed I had won, I woke needing the toilet!

Next my dad was drinking whiskey and changing into work clothes to help me move house. I left dad and my wife arranging the furniture and I concentrated on making sure all the electrical cables from the TVs were not mixed up. I placed them into plastic carrier bags.

Lastly via a three way video link between myself my mum and work colleague Stu, I was helping Stu chose a pair of new shoes.
Stu was in the shop, my mum was in my house eating pepperoni pizza and I was somewhere else.

The shop assistant was very serious and got annoyed because my mum had a fit of the giggles and kept pointing her camera at her pizza.
In the end I switched the video link off as mum was laughing so much.

My dad never drank whiskey and my mum hates pizza.
I'm not the biggest fan of Keith Chegwin.

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