Friday, 26 October 2012

Celebrity shed

I started off my being in a huge sports stadium with actor Bill Maynard, (of Greengrass fame from TV's Heartbeat), he was organising the seating arrangements.
One of the other spectators accidentally put their hand into my glass of orange juice.
I may have let it go if they hadn't 'accidentally' did it a second time!
Bill told me to calm down, but I wasn't happy!

I tried to write some notes on my phone but my wife kept stopping me. I then realised that I was actually dreaming this, then woke up and wrote some notes.

Next I was in a garden shed with dead punk rocker & ex Sex Pistol, Sid Vicious. Sid was helping me to put in a new door which rather dispels his reputation a bit.
Sid became annoyed when I told him I was intending to use an old shower screen as the new door, explaining that it would be more of a window than a door.

Finally I was with Trevor, a friend of my wife's. We were in a massive open top army jeep driving along the high street in the Essex town of Barking.
Trevor asked me to open his wallet that was on the dash and take out his dry cleaning ticket.

When I did there were hundreds of tickets and I couldn't find the one he wanted. Trevor decided that he would just go into the dry cleaners and tell them he'd lost his ticket.

I waited outside but Trevor never returned.
I wonder if he ever got his clothes back?

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