Monday, 8 October 2012

Captive audience

I was in a class room along with a supervisor from my work called Dominic.
He handed me a red folder and told me to take it to a different room.
Not listening to him properly I walked out and then came back.
When he asked me if I'd been to the other room I lied and said I had.

Dominic didn't believe me as I was still holding the red folder.
I set off again and walked outside across some water on stepping stones.

I reached a brick wall and it opened before me. Entering I found myself in a conference and it was dark and warm. The speaker was so dull I started to fall asleep.
Getting up to leave I approached the brick wall but the hole had gone and I was trapped inside.
I heard the voice of Dominic saying, "You can't leave until its finished"

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