Thursday, 11 October 2012

Abusive Sky man

There are times when my dreams are very disturbing and upsetting. Last night being once such occasion.
I will omit the first part part of the dream.

It was Christmas and myself and my dad were both dressed in suits and looking very smart. We went to the neighbours house, knocked and waited but no one was in.
Just happy to be with my dad, we stood there ages just chatting and laughing.

Next in my mums house a man had come to install Sky TV. He had masses of oversized outdated electrical equipment and continually swore when it wouldn't work.
None of it resembled a Sky box and I looked on in bemusement as he shouted obscenities and became increasingly angry.

The last part of my dream involved me having the ability to float off the ground in slow motion and perform summersaults. Impressive but no one took any notice!
I followed people along the street and levitated in front of them, but nothing!

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