Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A to Z of odd

The fear of beards is known as Pogomophobia, my wife's attempts at waking me holding a picture of a weirdy beardy in front of my face, amused her greatly!

On with my dreaming and I was at a family party for my birthday and everyone had given me cash.
The party was going well and my wife and myself chatted happily whilst music played and people danced.

In the middle of or conversation, Jim our supervisor from work appeared and interrupted us saying, 'If you guys don't put some information on the Computer you'll be sacked'.

I was next in London with work colleague Mildred and I was showing her my note book and that I hardly ever write in it. She rang the police and told them this. Snitch.

Lastly I carrying a huge book and heading towards a pub. As I approached it two boys on bicycles rode towards each other and when their front tyres hit, they morphed into one and the other and then passed through and reemerged out the other side.

I entered the pub placed my book on a table and noticed the title was the A to Z of famous people.
Queuing at the bar I notice everyone in the place is drunk including the staff.
My wife enters the bar and she is carrying a book, she accidentally stands on the toes of a man.
We order a drink and sit down to read.

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