Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wine guns & Russians

I began my night in a pub taking part in a pool competition.
Unfortunately having arrived late I got a makeshift table made from plywood that was balanced on four chairs. It had no pockets and my cue had a wine gum stuck on the tip. Every time I took a shot, the white ball stuck to my cue.

I was next walking through a wooded area and saw a car drive into a large puddle and sink. From within the car three men got out. Two men in suits and a huge man who was blind.

I carried on and met my wife and good friend Martin in the hight street.
We walked and chatted, I looked around and the blind man was directly behind us with the two other men in suits walking ahead of us.
As we continued the blind man was everywhere we went. Getting annoyed at this I stopped and confronted the man. He stood at least 6 foot 8 and was a mountain of a man. He spoke in a Russian accent and said, "I'm going to kill your Son".

At this point I proceeded to get a gun out of my pocket and put it against his head.
Martin and my wife do the same and he soon changes his mind and leaves.

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