Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Urine, slags & bus stops

As on many other occasions I have dreamt that I was going to the toilet when I actually do need to relieve myself.
I was in my childhood bedroom and started to wee into the washing basket but it started to fill and overflow.
I went into the garden and continued to urinate up against the garden shed. This went on for ages and I couldn't stop, I stood on top of the shed and peed into next doors garden.

Eventually I woke up desperate for a wee, my brain winning the battle to bring to my attention my need to use the toilet.

Back to sleep and I was with Bimmo from work and we are getting into a caravan. The van is so small we are unable to stand up and I struggled to get into my sleeping bag. My wriggling causes the caravan to start moving, rolling down a slope and crash into parked cars in the street.

I get out and see my good friend Lee-Ann and her daughter. She shows me a video on her phone from an event she attended a few weeks ago. Watching it I see my mum in a crowd of people.
As I point this out to Lee-Ann, a woman with huge breasts passes us and Lee-Ann shouts, "Slag!" she then holds her head down, pretending it wasn't her.

Lastly I am standing at a bus stop. The road is a river and I watch as a large lorry with a crane attached, drops a massive man made crocodile the length of a bus into the water.
I turn to a woman next to me and ask, "Where am I?" She just smiles and says, "Everything has changed".

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