Thursday, 20 September 2012

Time travelling kippers

Quite a lot going on last night and it was cut short by a 5am alarm call.

To start, my wife and myself were riding push bikes into an indoor swimming pool. I had a puncture and we abandoned them pool side and went to our garden to see our guinea pigs, Eric and Ernie.
Eric had his head stuck in the cage due to being fat, but Ernie had escaped and was running around the field. Upon closer inspection they had both turned into Chincillas and as I caught Ernie he was panting and told me he was very tired. He spoke like a cartoon chipmunk.

Next I saw a female in a hotel room. She was dressed in the style of someone from the 1930's and as she stood there she travelled in time forwards to today.
As the hotel room changed around her a row of steaming kippers appeared hanging in the room.

A lift door opened where the room door was and it was full of people.
The female entered the elevator and everyone looked at her in disgust as the odour of smoked kippers hit their noses.

I exit the same hotel into the street and notice one of our cats sleeping in the bottom of a tree pot next to the door. As I'm looking at him, Lorraine from work runs up to me and tells me there's been a murder in the street.
As she continues speaking I hear the alarm going off for work and Lorraine started to fade away and vanished, still talking as I woke.

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