Friday, 28 September 2012

Silent night

I just want you to dance with me tonight,
So come on, ooh, oh baby,
I just want you to dance with me tonight.

How annoying to have this song in my head from my Sleep.
Its the irritating tune from the equally tedious Olly Murs, a 'singer' from one of the endless TV talent shows that give ordinary people the chance to hit the big time. (Mainly hitting the switch of Christmas lights in an unknown town).

This was also the only audible part of my dream as the rest was in complete silence.
I was walking along a city centre high street at night and tried to approach a group of men to speak with them.

When I tried to talk, I was unable too and became increasingly frustrated with my mute state as all the men just looked at me and moved away.

Finally I just wandered off into the night, sad and alone with just Olly Murs singing to me!

Still can't get rid of the song. Bad times.

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