Wednesday, 5 September 2012


My wife woke me and asked why I was shouting Raccoon at her? There was one running at me in my sleep of course!? I think this was as I initially fell to sleep and I'm unsure what happened to the animal.

The rest of the night was a little jumbled, starting off with myself and the rest of my family staying at a B&B somewhere. It was time to check out and along with my mother in law we lowered the suitcases on a rope to the car park below.

I then walked down the stairs and met my good friend and work colleague Martin. I told him I was working the same shift as him tomorrow and he excitedly punched knuckles with me and shouted, "Yeah, don't fuck with the baldies". Neither of us are bald.

Going back home I am cleaning a hideous looking table lamp in the shape of a person holding candles. I ask my wife why we keep the lamp as we both hate it. She explains that it was given to us by my nan.
Then my work colleague Peter enters the room and explains that the lamp is actually his and he won it at the battle of Trafalgar.
We both look at him knowing he is lying but decide its a good excuse to get rid of it and give the thing to him.

The baldies reference is from the 1979 movie The Wanderers, it tells the story of several Italian-American youths growing up together amid the various gangs of 1963 New York City.

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