Sunday, 30 September 2012

Prison Fag

To start with I had entered an old pub and walked up to the bar to get a drink. There were one or two people seated around but no one waiting to be served.
The two bar staff completely ignore me and I left with a sad feeling.

By contrast I was next in prison with my wife. We had a joint cell which was nice, it had our bikes inside and wet washing hanging on string across the cell.

We were being released and had been given a half smoked cigarette each. Mine had a cut all the way down it exposing all the tobacco.
Buck from our work was there and offered us cigarette papers and I set about repairing the fags.

Finally I'm at my mums house and she has given me an ordinance survey map which I am using a highlighter pen to plot a route for a walk on. I am upstairs in my bedroom but it looks like the small bedroom that I used to sleep in when I stayed at my Nan's house.
I can hear mum talking and think she is calling to me, I shout out but she keeps talking, so I go to investigate.

I go down and in the hallway is standing my dear departed nan. I am so happy to see her smiling face and I woke up smiling myself.

Fag, a British colloquialism for cigarette
Fag, or faggot (slang), an American English slur for a homosexual or effeminate man.
Just to save confusion.

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