Friday, 14 September 2012

Police avoidance

I was on the run from the police last night and I was really good at staying out of sight. Despite a major operation to bring me to justice, I remained undetected.

Skipping through roadblocks and cordons, I was a master of disguise.
Standing out like a sore thumb, I was dressed in a white suit, top hat and had my face covered in a bandage and strutted along mincing like I was as gay as gay could be.
Falling short of having a neon arrow above my head, I walked blatantly past hundreds of police.

I entered into a bank and onto the first floor where a lone female employee was working.
I grabbed her around the neck in a choke hold and demanded that she take the £8 admin charge off my account.
The terrified woman attempted to pick up a phone to call for help.
I threw her to the floor and set about punching her to the head until she was a bloody beaten mess and the life had gone from her body.

Calmly walking out of the front of the bank and into a police car, I drove through every checkpoint exchanging waves to the members of law enforcement.

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