Sunday, 2 September 2012

Holy wrongness

Very disturbing last night in that I was in an old people's home. A vicar was visiting with his choirboys in what appeared to be an innocent event at first.
Imagine my total horror when the man of the cloth became his holy badness by offering the boys to the old ladies for sex!
A row of decrepit grannies rubbed their hands expectantly as the horrified boys were led in to service the old aged pensioners.

Thankfully the dream moved on before my mind was scarred for life.
Moved to a scene of a street where I had to climb a ladder into my apartment, saying that I wanted to visit the library, I opened a fridge to look for books to return only to find a white pair of ladies trainers, new size 6.

I was then chatting to my landlord who was wearing brown Hush Puppies that he had got dirty.
As we talked a knocking sound drifted into the dream and we both looked around puzzled as to it's location.
I was awoken by my two cats rattling the door to inform me it was breakfast time!

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