Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fruit & bone car

My wife and myself were in my car attempting to arrange a fruit bowl in the back window.
Unsure of the correct etiquette regarding fruit displays in cars, I called at my neighbours house to ask him and came out with an envelope he thought I wanted. Really didn't make myself clear on that one!

I was then in my car in an underground car park when an black old style Ford Granada rammed me from behind and drove off.
Giving chase, the outer shell of my car fell away leaving me floating along just holding the steering wheel.
The wheel was made of bone and the steering column was a human spine.

Loosing sight of the car, I think the driver has run into a house and I enter to search for him.
Once in the house I find singer Pink holding a baby. She is happy to see me and asks if I can change the baby into its night clothes.

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