Thursday, 6 September 2012

Festive oddness

A few months early but I was cooking Christmas dinner for my mum at her house and my Aunt Joan was also there.
As I served up the meal, oddly in the hallway, Stu & Lisa from work arrived at the open front door saying they were looking for someone next door but clearly hoping to get included in the meal. My mum abruptly sends them next door.

The next arrival at the door is an extremely welcome visit from my dear departed dad. He has a great idea for a Xmas gift for his friend, a tape cassette storage box.
I try to explain that that may be a little outdated but he doesn't understand.

I'm next at an office building looking for a Polish man. I meet three work colleagues outside, Garath, Liam and Sam. Liam has no shirt on and has thick black long hair covering his body like a wolf man. Sam gives me the wrong code to enter the building but Garath gives me the correct one.

Lastly running around the garden with my dog, I meet a man with a Golden Retriever and I suddenly have one too and all three dogs play together.
Walking back towards the house I am on a path that has been roped off, my wife is by my side.
We dump into Caroline from work and wish her a merry Christmas.

Caroline stops and waves franticly shouting, 'Merry Christmas to you'.
A large man approaches me and I go to shake his hand but he has a felt marker pen glued to the palm of his hand.

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