Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Daylight robbery

What is it with my brain and supermarkets?!
For the second night this week I was in one and this time a specific one. Waitrose, shopping for the wealthy who like to pay twice as much for average food.

I had taken a trolley and approached the entrance only to discover that above the door water was pouring down. I thought that a quick dash through would minimise me getting wet but the further I walked into the store, the wetter I got and by the time I was in the store I was totally soaked!

I'm next in our local village pub for a charity horse race. There are stalls with food and drink but everything is twice the normal price, not unlike Waitrose.
The landlady Sally is chatting to my wife who asks Sally to attend another charity event later in the week.
Sally explains that she is an on call doctor during the day and a dentist at night. As far as I'm aware she isn't.

A man enters the pub and complains that everything is overpriced, he picks up the till and walks out with us all just watching him.

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